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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing International E-Commerce Platforms

Taking your e-commerce site international is crucial as you will drive to the growth of your business. Many customers will come across your site and may have the interest to buy your products and services. For you to design your site uniquely, you need to consider international e-commerce platforms. They come with advanced features which offer beautiful templates for your site to look attractive. Also, they have an option of already-developed e-commerce platform which saves your time as you don’t need to start from the scratch. The user-friendly interface they contain will enable you to create a professional site without hiring a designer. Hence, you will save money.
Most international e-commerce platforms have search engine optimization which will enable the customer to find you easily. However, not all platforms have these features. To enable you to choose the best international e-commerce platform, here are 5 factors you need to consider:

Search engine optimization

SEO should be your first consideration. An international e-commerce platform with SEO could be of benefit to you as your site will rank higher on Google. If your aim of running the online business is to get traffic in your store and increase sales, you need to consider this feature. Customers will easily find your site in search results.

Mobile friendliness

In this era, most of the searches are done using mobile. Customers prefer this device because it is user-friendly and flexible. Therefore, they can use it while on-the-go. Looking for an international platform that will enable customers to access your site using their mobile is a good idea. A platform such as Shopify has this feature, and it enables customers to make purchases anytime with their mobile.


Integration is a crucial feature that will enable you to offer many services to customers. Most International e-commerce platforms lack this feature. Hence, it should be your first consideration. Your business needs will determine the plugins that will work best for you. Thus, before you select a platform, identify the needs of your business to enable you to choose a platform that will fulfil them. Accounting plugins are some of the basic in all business. It will help you determine your sales, taxes, and profits.
Email marketing tool, another plugin will help you keep in contact with your buyers. You can inform them of a new product in your store. Also, you can consider a platform that will enable you to give rewards to your customers for purchasing your products.

Customer service

Customer service is a key aspect of every successful business. As you know, this business world is full of challenges. Hence, you can choose a platform and at some point becomes difficult to use or prevent customers from accessing to your site which may affect your brand image as well as revenue. In this essence, you may need help you. Thus, to avoid this problem to affect your business, you need to choose an international platform that will offer 24/7 customer support and provide positive feedbacks.


Lack of security in your business may lead to losses. Customers cannot shop on a sketchy website which will not secure their information. They prefer a site which will assure to protect their sensitive data to avoid losses. Hence, you need to select an international e-commerce platform that will offer security to your customers’ credit cards. In this essence, a platform with SSL/HTTPS could be the best as it will offer safe and secure checkout service to your customers.
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If you choose an international platform with these features, you will offer a better service to your customers. Also, your site will reach a massive number of customers by using a platform which is SEO friendly.
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