Reasons Why Shopify Is the Ideal B2BEcommerce Platform?

Need a better B2B ecommerce solution?

Shopify is a popular ecommerce solution that mainly caters small and med-sized business, whereas Shopify Plus can handle large volume stores. Running a business requires you to evolve with time. Means if you were using lower Shopify plan, at some time you will want an upgraded solution. What platform to choose when you hit enterprise level?

Let’s start with few reasons to select Shopify Plus among all:


Shopify Plus is among the top B2B platforms because of its unlimited bandwidth, reliability, unlimited capacity to increase sales, and near 100% uptime. Their servers are lightning fast and allow customers to enjoy a seamless shopping experience. When it comes to scale your store, you can do it effectively without worrying about tech updates.

Unrivalled Customer Support

Shopify Plus is the best on market with excellent support system. The ShopifyB2B platform not only helps your store getting an easy access to sign up with Shopify plus but also help your store to grow. This top B2B platform works similar to hiring plenty of full time employees to carry out every task of business.

Reports and Analytics

Shopify Plus provides access to reports and in-depth analytics, which was not available on simpler plans. To collect and analyze customer data is very critical. The more you learn about it the better you can do for your e-business.


Sure, online selling and buying needs a secure passage. What if we tell you that it’s been taken care of by Shopify Plus! Platform comes with highest level of security as their standard so that customers using debit or credit cards get secured from cybercrime and fraud.

Brands That Use Shopify Plus

Following brands have chosen Shopify Plus as their B2Bwholesale platform:

  • Budweiser
  • WaterAid
  • The Economist
  • Penguin Books
  • Tesla Motors
  • RedBull
  • Nestle
  • New York Stock Exchange

Run A Successful Store With Shopify Plus!

The core advantage of Shopify Plus is that it offers peace of mind – you know that your ecommerce site is in safe hands. Powering some of the world’s top stores, you will never have to worry about your site with security issues and crashing. The bigger your store is, the harder it will become to sustain it. Focus on strategies to make your store successful and let the powerful software – Shopify Plus – handle the entire tech.


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